Rural Revolution

The Truth About Crown Patents

Why are rural landowners under attack?

Why are rural landowners under attack? Why do we need property rights entrenched in our Constitution? Here is the government's plan and strategy to attack rural landowners and their economy. TAKING our land-For their use.

People often believe that governments are benevolent and have our best interests at heart when they pass legislation: and that the failings of government policy and legislation are the result of poor implementation or their lack of knowledge and competence. The Vancouver declaration proves they are both neither benevolent, nor incompetent, only deceptive. This declaration provides the bureaucratic rational for collecting data regarding your land and then using that data to change your ownership rights. Read more

The second step of the plan was concluded with the repatriation of the Canadian constitution that omitted property rights from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but included collective & minority rights. Read the Charter at

The third step is the abolition and modification to existing water use rights as outlined in the 1989 UN Charter on Ground Water Management that Canada signed onto. Read more

The fourth and final step is found in "The panel Report-On the role of government, which lays out the framework to manage the death of Rural Ontario.

Randy Hillier
Past President Ontario Landowners' Association



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